Report Cards - Student Assessment

Report Cards:


Report cards are issued three times a year in:




Parent/Teacher Interviews:


There will be one Parent Teacher interview in November and a Student Led Conference (K-6) and Parent Teacher interview (7-9) in March.  Parents will be advised of the time that the interviews will take place.  If that time is unacceptable, arrangements for an alternate time will be made between parent and the teacher.

Grading/Evaluation Process:


A student’s mark will not include the teacher’s assessment of the student’s behavior, attitude or effort.  The mark on the student’s report card will indicate the success the student has had in achieving the prescribed curriculum outcomes for a specific Program of Studies.

Effort, participation, attitude and other personal and social characteristics are important parts of a student’s education and growth.  These will be reported separately on the report cards and through other contact with the parents and students.

Students and parents will be informed of the teacher’s assessment practices.  Course outlines will indicate how the teacher uses assessment for learning (ongoing) and assessment of learning (summative).


 We will inform students about assessment by:

  • Distributing course outlines that summarize the course evaluation
  • Familiarizing students with the instruments that will be used for assessment. i.e. rubrics, test outlines, self-assessments, anecdotal records/notes, etc.
  • Making students aware of test dates, test formats, and appropriate study strategies well in advance of assessments

We will inform parents about assessment by:

  • Sharing information at School Council meetings
  • Including grading practices in the Student Handbook
  • Parent-Student-Teacher interviews
  • Parent Portal registration

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