Why is CKCS the right choice for your child's education?

Here are our top 50 reasons!


Family-Feel Atmosphere


1. We are very proud of our family-feel atmosphere in which every teacher knows every student’s name in the building, ensuring every child feels like they belong!


2. Our Faith Friends program introduces younger students to older students so all students know each other.


3. CKCS has small class sizes which allows for more individualized support.


4. We use multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Remind to keep our families in the loop.



5. We have a comprehensive school-wide Literacy Program using a Daily 5 structure, with Literacy Place and Empowering Writers resources.


6. Reading levels are assessed for ALL students in September.


7. Sessions of targeted reading intervention for struggling readers are run throughout the school year.


8. Students have access to one-to-one technology through the use of chromebooks and iPads.


9. Students are taught age appropriate computer/technology skills focussing on the Google Platform.


10. Students make weekly visits to our newly renovated Makerspace classroom to explore, build, collaborate and problem solve.


11. Students make weekly visits to our newly renovated Library to support their reading growth.


12. Grade 5-9 can receive extra teacher support at our weekly Homework Tutorial/After School Help.


13. Our Physical Education Program promotes fundamental movement skills through games and activities.


14. Trained teachers provide music classes to all our students with access to a multitude of music resources and tools.


15. CKCS teachers follow the Alberta Curriculum.

Kindergarten (Click here to learn more!)


16. CKCS offers a full-time and part-time Kindergarten program, allowing parents to find the right fit for their first time learner.


17. Our Early Literacy Program uses Jolly Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears to give our younger students a strong start.


18. We host an annual Kindergarten Graduation to celebrate their accomplishments in June.

Junior High


19. CKCS offers over 25 CTF options to our Junior High students that change annually based on student interest.


20. The CTF trailer (mobile classroom) gives Junior Highs access to the Industrial Arts options.


21. We run annual trips for our Junior Highs including a 3 day ski trip to the mountains and a 3 day camping trip.


22. Junior Highs participate in our Leadership class giving them many leadership opportunities in our school and the community.


23. Junior Highs have access to a fully renovated science lab.


24. Junior Highs learn portfolio building in preparation for high school.


25. Junior Highs have their own common room with couches, foosball table and games!


26. We host 3 Junior High dances throughout the year, including the VideoMax dance!


27. We host an annual Grade 9 Farewell in June.

Our Faith


28. We accept ALL Catholic and non-Catholic students.


29. Students participate in weekly religion classes to learn about Jesus.


30. We go to Mass (church) once a month.


31. We celebrate all aspects of the holidays (i.e. the birth of Jesus Christ and Santa).

Extra Supports


32. Students who qualify have access to SLP, OT and PT support.


33. A Family School Liaison is available for individual sessions and classroom programs.


34. CKCS is equipped with a full sensory room that provides a therapeutic space which inspires calm and focus.


35. Our Breakfast Program offers a supplementary breakfast to ALL students EVERY day.


36. In partnership with community partners we offer hot lunches for purchase throughout the year.

Extra-Curricular & Athletics


37. We offer a variety of clubs including Book Club, Faith Builders, School Wellness Team, Yearbook, Advent Concert, and Youth Run Club.


38. The CKCS School Council sponsors many events throughout the year including guest speakers and events.


39. The CKCS Chargers compete in a full athletic program including volleyball, basketball, curling, track and field and cross-country running.


40. Kindergarten to Grade 6 complete swimming lessons every year at the Stettler Recreation Center.


41. We plan a whole-school ski day at Canyon Ski Resort every year.


42. Students get three outdoor recess breaks a day.


43. We have a Spirit Day every other Friday!


44. We host a large-scale Christmas Concert in December.


45. We host an annual Talent Show for our students to participate in.



46. Bussing is available with individual rider or family packages.


47. CKCS does not charge bus yard fees.



48. NO beginning school year fees!


49. An annual yearbook is created for purchase!


50. Microwaves are in every classroom from Grade 4-9.

COVID restrictions may alter the availability or implementation of some items listed above for the 2021/2022 school year.

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